The Artist

Emotion, sunlight and passion are frequent comments made by people observing the work of artist Ken Wallin. His oil paintings reflect his passion for life as seen through his many travels throughout the U.S., Europe and other destinations of interest. He and his photographer wife, Judy, have taken many travel adventures and captured their experiences on canvas.

With his paint brush in hand, Ken creates movement and brilliant light with his portraits of florals, landscapes, and village hamlets. With his life on the coast, Ken captures the beauty of the ocean, living on a small island and the marine life of coastal areas. His travels in France and Italy have inspired a series of bright, cheerful views of vineyards, villages and the people. Ken paints the way he lives and you can see this throughout his work.

Ken began his career in the fourth grade when he started painting dinosaurs on the classroom mural. Since then he has relentless pursued training in the U.S. and France through many workshops, college experiences and individual study. Parallel with his art, he obtained a PhD in Psychology and has worked with adults and children who experience conflict and adjustment problems. He combined his work in art and creativity to develop therapeutic teaching materials in anger control, positive thinking and conflict resolution.

Ken now operates his own gallery on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, which exclusively shows his latest works and is a distribution center for other galleries and art patrons. He works primarily in oil, using a palette knife and brush to create a unique combination of realism with moderate impressionism. His bold strokes and colors leave viewers with a strong positive emotional reaction to passion.