I believe that painting requires the artist to look at the world in 3 dimensional terms.  I believe that in any painting, the artist must think like a sculpture.  With this reasoning in mind it was only natural that I would begin expressing myself in clay.   I have added a sculpture studio next to my easel and now enjoy creating a series of figures and emotions through clay and bronze figures.  

The process includes creating a clay figure of my message to the viewer.  This figure is then taken to a foundry and a wax mold is made for me to review.  Once approved, the figure is then cast in bronze.  The bronze piece is then stained and polished to my specifications at the foundry.   Each piece is created in a series of a pre-designated number such as 10, 20 or 25 bronze replications.   At the end of the series, the mold is destroyed and no further bronze figures will be available.

My first bronzed sculpture is titled, “The Ladies of the Village” as seen below.  This piece was inspired by my travels in Tuscany and the many women of local small villages that frequented the town square every night or mid morning.  These 4 women sat on a bench in the town square and shared coffee and a muffin while discussing the week’s events in their village.   I painted them several times and finally created a sculpture for bronzing.

Women of the Village          Bronze       H14 “       L 26”    D 5"
Bonze is placed on a beautiful black marble platform for display on any table, etc.
Price:   $7,000 plus shipping.  Series of 25  Freight depends on location and travel distance.

Works in Progress

The Golfer            Clay sculpture to be bronzed.    H 19”   L  6“   D 5”