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“Wallin Painting Water”Volume I and Volume II

Ken provides a dynamic 2 set  DVD program to help the artist learn anddevelop and understanding of painting water with palette knife and brush.  He created a 2 part series, volume I andvolume II, to create a hands on painting experience on location on a beautifulsoutheastern coast beach and then a step by step approach in his studio tolearn skills related to specific marine subjects.  

Price:Each Volume is priced at $45 each and runs approximately 1 ½ hrs ofinstruction.  A special price of $80 isavailable for Volume I and Volume II if purchased together as a set. 

.  Please addan additional $5.00 for shipping. 

.  Add 7% taxif purchased and delivered in Georgia.  No tax if shipped outside state.

Volume I:Painting Water on Location

Oil painting with palette knife and brush

Volume I provides a dynamic painting experience onlocation.  Ken sets up his easel on abeautiful coastal beach and presents a step by step approach to capturing sand,surf and sun.  Color mixing, valuestudies and composition are discussed.   Studentswill learn how to create movement, reflection and transparency in theirpaintings and make this a memorable DVD in their library.  Emphasis is place on a combination of paletteknife and brush to create a loose, impressionistic style of working with oils.  The instruction runs approximately 1 ½ hrsand is full of interesting and useful painting techniques to help the artistcapture the magic of water in nature

Volume II:Painting Specific Marine Subject Matter

Oil painting with palette knife and brush

Volume II takes place in Ken’s studio.  He creates a series of instructionaldemonstrations of specific marine subjects such as painting water over rocks,sea swells, reflection in the surf and boats in the harbor.  Working in the studio helps in allowingdemonstration of specific techniques that are often not included in many of theattempts to teach various marine subject matter.  Color mixing and developing good workinghabits are discussed at length.   Kentakes the time to pull up different canvases to illustrate various concepts ashe moves through lecture and demos of each marine subject.  Length of the DVD runs approximately 1 ½ hrs.

To order, contact Ken at his working studio and gallery.

e-mail: or call 912-638-0176

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"From Inspiration to the Studio”
Getting Loose With Palette Knife and Brush


Ken provides a 2 DVD set of dynamic instruction and demonstration to teach the use of palette knife and brush in creating loose, colorful style of painting. The 2 hour and 14 minute set teaches you how to get inspired by a scene in nature and bring it back to your canvas. You’ll learn an organizational method to getting loose and applying paint freely.
Ken has many years of experience in teaching and uses this DVD to apply a step by step approach to the task of creating one’s own method of self expression. Learning by doing and observing are the tools of instruction and brought out by video examples of mixing colors and applying paint with palette knife. Ken narrates while he works and a major strength of his lessons. He provides workshops for artists and site dates are listed on his website

PriceThe DVD set is priced at $75.00 plus $5.00 for shipping or a total of $80.00
Add 7% tax is purchased in Georgia or an additional $5.25 

To order, contact Ken at his working studio and gallery.
E-mail: or call 912-638-0176