Creative Art Adventures of Ken Wallin

A Book of Ken’s Paintings and Art Adventures

Enjoy a wonderful, dynamic book of the art and lessons in creativity of artist Ken Wallin. The book gives the art enthusiast an inside look and at how Ken got started and discussion of his inspirations for his work. The book contains over 80 beautiful color images of his work and takes a look at his passion for water, the landscape and many of villages and cafes of his travels abroad. Ken is renowned for his handling of water and the wildlife and people who live on it. His travels to Europe are captured in brightly colored scenes of cafes, streets and quaint villages in Tuscany, Provence and other ports of call. Palette knife and brush are the tools of self expression and provide a loose, impressionistic to his work This art book makes for a great coffee table presentation as well as a means of gaining more understanding of Ken’s inspirations, painting style and what lies beneath his work.

The 2 images below show a sample of a page that discusses the inspiration for a painting and the actual piece. Knowing the relationship with the artist’s mind and the finished piece is a focal point of the book.

Many of Ken’s paintings in the book reflect his life along the coast. He feels “Paint What You Know!”


Title: Creative Art Adventures of Ken Wallin
Color Images: #80
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To Purchase: E-mail Ken or call him at his gallery. or call 912-638-0176